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CaO + MgO – 45%
MgO – 15%

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    Advantages of our fertilizers:




    • quickly dissolves in the soil sorption complex
    • increases the efficiency of mineral fertilizers
    • designed for all types of soil
    • spreads evenly over long distances
    • effectively raises soil pH and supplements calcium deficiencies
    • improves soil properties
    • strengthens plants and protects them from diseases
    • can be used to fertilize all plant species
    • eliminates the harmful effects of heavy metals
    • possibility of top dressing without plowing

    JURAMAGNE is an ecological calcium-magnesium fertilizer, a rich source of magnesium and calcium that thanks to the form of granules ensures easy and even sowing on all types of soil. Its composition helps in the proper development of roots, supports the use of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, increases plants resistance during frost, allows plants to assimilate nutrients. It also decreases the acidity of the soil, improving soil properties, including: elimination of the harmful effects of heavy metals, providing the most favourable conditions for plants development. JURAMAGNE raises soil pH, which makes it necessary to increase the efficiency of multi-component mineral fertilizers, and thus increase the efficiency of crops. It strengthens disease resistance of the plants, contributing to increased harvest.

    The application of the fertilizer should be adjusted to the type of soil. It is recommended to verify the degree of acidification on a regular basis.

    Plant Dose in kg/ha*
    winter cereals
    for intensive wheat varieties
    400 – 600
    450 – 600
    spring cereals
    malting barley
    400 – 600
    500 – 650
    winter rape
    spring rape
    500 – 710
    root crops:
    sugar beet, fodder beet
    460 – 640
    210 – 430
    fodder plants:
    alfalfa with grasses
    600 – 800
    280 – 640
    maize 400 – 610
    vegetables and fruits 500 – 700
    fruit trees (orchards) 700 – 1000

    *precise amount depends on the current soil pH and the recommendations of the Regional Bureau of Agricultural and Industrial Chemistry (Okręgowa Stacja Chemiczno-Rolnicza)

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